Tip: You can always take a screenshot using the share charm in windows 8.1

As the title says:

I was fooling around with Windows 8.1, and just noticed that if you pull out the share charm, you can pretty much always pick "Screenshot" as an option to share with your apps. It seems to default to this in start screen, desktop, and apps without other share functionalities. OneNote has the ability to screenshot the page, or all of OneNote.

I think it is an awesome little addition, that i haven't seen mentioned elsewere. For me it makes the share charm always usefull, compared to before 8.1, wherei rarely used it. So i thought i wanted to share the tip.

I hope i am not the only one not noticing it, else i would feel stupid. (!)

Are there other small unpublished tips around, that people maybe have noticed? :) I have clearly a need of knowing more small details. Maybe others have aswell. ;)

Happy days!