The perfect Chromebook has long been a pipe dream. All Google needed to do was release a model with great battery life and speedy performance for a price that well undercuts a typical Windows laptop. But that’s apparently easier said than done. We’ve seen a variety of Chromebooks come and go over the years, but none have ever truly satisfied those three criteria. The beautiful Chromebook Pixel has a tremendous display, great build quality, and snappy performance, but its middling battery life and stratospheric price tag keep it firmly in the luxury camp. More recently, Google made a big fuss about the HP Chromebook 11, and while it has an attractive price and some novel features, its performance and battery life left quite a bit to be desired.

Enter Acer’s Chromebook C720. An update to last year’s pretty terrible C7, the C720 is sleeker, lighter, and faster than before. And most importantly, it promises more than double the battery life of the previous model while still improving performance. Acer is offering all of this for a mere $249, which is $50 more than the C7 but still $30 less than the HP Chromebook 11, and well below what competing Windows 8 or 8.1 laptops sell for. Is this the Chromebook I’ve been dreaming of since Google launched the initial CR-48 prototype Chromebook in 2010? Has Acer finally hit the right combination of price, performance, and battery life to make the ideal Chromebook?