Justifying the continued existence of the iPad 2.

I bought myself an iPad 2 in 2011.

I sold it and bought an iPad 3 in 2012 but when people in my household took over my new iPad, I returned it and in the cover of night replaced it with another iPad 2 putting $100 back in my pocket. They didn't notice because it was a $400 Bejewelled machine.

The iPad 2 is now approaching 3 years old and the successive New iPad and iPad with Retina Display have disappeared altogether. The reason why the iPad 2 still exists with the Dock Connector, .9 MP camera, and crippling performance under iOS 7 is the A5 processor. It is aged silicon but can be found in the iPod touch 5th generation, iPhone 4S, iPad mini. It is Apple's way of encouraging developers to keep optimizing their apps to the lower-end devices because the old news iPads, iPods, and iPhones are still strong sellers and because of this Apple still doesn't have to say: "This app is only available on devices with an A6 processor or higher" and accept greater fragmentation.

The family iPad 2 became more than a Bejewelled machine over time but it still runs the latest games, it just requires more patience.