New Surface 2 users. Did you find all your apps?

I've had this Surface 2 for less than a day and I've accumulated a number of apps. I didn't have a tablet before but I did have a number of Android apps on my Galaxy S3 that I was using for a number of daily tasks.

This is how I did in replacing those apps with Metro versions:

Function Android Win8 Replacement Success
SSH Juice SSH SSH-RT (Awesome)
Google Music Google Music gMusicW (Awesome)
XBMC XBMC Remote XBMC RT (Great)
Plex Plex App Plex App (Great)
Server Monitor PC Monitor PC Monitor (Awesome)
RSS Feedly App NexGen Reader (Good, syncs with my Feedly account)
Transmission TransDroid MertoTransmission (Passable)
NZB NZB 360 Kirbee (Poor. big hole here. DEVS!?!)
Light Pic Edit Aviary Fotor (Awesome)
YouTube Youtube MegaTube (Awesome)

Other Apps I have downloaded and like:

Skype - Just started using this, so I only have like 2 contacts but so far so good

Ebay - Pretty nice experience over the website

Flixster - Probably the best looking Win8 app available bar none

TopGear - I don't go into this app much, but I like that it puts cool cars on my start screen through the live tile :)


I have tried all the below games and find them to be very high quality and very fun!! Honestly if you loved turn based action games you will LOVE Skulls od the Shogun. You can even do asynchronous multiplayer with up to 4 friends.

Samurai vs Zombies - This is fun. I was actually addicted to a similar game on Android for months called "Hero Defense". This one could be dangerous.

Halo Spartan Assault - Haven't tried this yet.

Reaper - This game is SICK. I love the control scheme the dev came up with

Game Dev Tycoon - Classic game. Love it

I've downloaded a few more games but have not had much free time to try them.

So far I have found an app to satisfy all of my needs; needs I feel are pretty specific in some cases. Overall I love the app selection and I'm sure it will just get better.

What apps were you surprised to find in the app store and what apps are you still waiting on?