Battery life on Mavericks is devastating to Windows

with one update the new air went from 12 hours on a charge to 15.7 hours...

You can't argue away the difference there with talk like lower brightness screens on the air vs larger brighter notebooks, it's identical hardware, with hypermilling software when it comes to battery life.


The only notebook with close to that reported life (not tested) is the new dell xps 15" with the ultra high res display. They claim up to 13 hours, but who among us expects more than 10? I'd actually be shocked if it hit 10.

This is a huge issue, vendors on the pc side cheap out on batteries all the time, and even when they don't, like the dell, it seems windows is less efficient.

Please someone tell me I am wrong, because I do not want to buy a mac, I want a pc that gets over 10 hours with brightness UP on a 15" notebook.