Stop being so childish....pretty please...

I can't see what people have to say about a topic/product without having to weed out dumb arguments about stuff that is pretty obvious. Some examples include:

Mavericks is free, why can't Windows be free. I buy a copy of Windows, it's universal and can move it from computer to computer, can't do that with Mavericks, not the same stuff. Hell I'm surprised that Windows still sells even when charging $99 dollars, I highly doubt that OS X would sell as good if they were charging $99 and can only be used on Macs. It's not the same, period, Microsoft would not make money if they only charged once for their software. In the end these are businesses not you best friends, it's the same reason Apple holds back on features, to add them later and get you to buy. It's all business nothing personal.

iWork/Google Docs is better than Office, come on, when real work needs to be done other suites fall short on features, period. A lot of people might not need office but in the end the fact that is more powerful remains. Businesses exist to make money, so why would they spend billions on Office if some free program can do the job? come on use your head.

Chromebooks are the shit! Sure they are! To some people, but if you have no use for a Chromebook why get into a silly argument about how useless they are. If the reviewers on this site want to believe that a Chromebook is a better product than the Surface Pro, so be it. Everybody has an opinion. I've seen people about to buy a laptop looking devide but stopped after learning that is not a full computer in the traditional sense. This is one argument that should not take place.

Arguments of this versus that. Who's better and who's not. Those are simple. Whoever has the largest share wins the championship. Simple just like sports, you don't argue that your team is better when the other team is the champ, it's pointless. The champs are iOS, iPad, Android, Samsung, Office, Windows, Microsoft's Business offerings, Kindle, Xbox and Lenovo. To argue against these products or services is pointless cause in the end numbers don't lie, period.

Let's stop fighting and using more common sense. If you want to go ahead and get every iDevice and worship Apple that's fine, it's your money. If you want to get everything Microsoft, again it's your money. I just want to know when a product sucks like the Acer W3 so I don't buy it and learn the hard way.

People love drama that's why all those reality shows are popular.