So, I bought the Surface 2:

When for the past who-knows-how-long I've been actively against Windows RT. I'm still not 'for' Windows RT. I find it daft that they put the entire Windows on the device then decided to neuter it.

Anyway, I got the 32 GB. I have a lot of storage and don't mind using USB sticks, micro SD or externals. I had 16GB on my galaxy note 10.1 and it didn't bother me. Also got the new Type Cover with backlighting. £468.

I like the heft of the device - and the build quality. It feels really good. I like running my hand over the back. It does flex a bit in places. Most noticeably the piece around the camera, also the seam for that piece isn't flush on one side. It's a little disappointing because elsewhere the build quality is top notch. Much better than any Android device I've ever held.

Set up was fine, but it made me realise how outside I've become from the Microsoft Ecosystem. I like Microsoft because I like Windows 7 and Xbox. And I like what they are trying to do. Unification appeals to me. But there is much work I need to do to 'buy in' as it were. I don't know if that will happen, because I don't feel like I've found MY ecosystem. The one that works completely for me. Maybe I need to have my fingers in all the pies...

Anyway - I love the screen. Some complain it doesn't have enough pixels in these times - I could care less. It's gorgeous, bright and I can view it in sunlight. And movies...

The kickstand is good, it really does need a place to flip it open on the other side though. Whenever I'm orientating the device I forget where the heck it is.

The keyboard is simply awesome - considering how thin it is. The travel is great and to be fair I can't ask for more. My typing is almost as fast as on my main KB or even mechanical KB. Sometimes when I flip the keyboard back or close it - my tablet will go black and I can't do anything. I press the windows button and there is haptic, but nothing happens.

Got a real sick feeling in my gut when that happened (though I'd heard it happened with surface rt too) but after pressing the power button for over ten seconds it came back. I've been very careful since.

The cameras suck. To my mind they are just as awful as most webcams. But that's ok, because taking pics with a tablet this size is... weird. Personally I'd prefer the drop in cost than a cam on the back. But you can bet ure ass that reviewers would complain. Cam at front is adequate for Skype etc..

I was worried the speakers would be quiet, thankfully not. That's all I cared about, but I will say that sometimes they sound tinny, and sometimes when, for instance, I'm playing Halo - it sounds pretty good.

Battery life is good, but not outstanding. I heard reports of 13+ and maybe I'm just unlucky, but 9 of active use (not even watching vids all the time) was enough to take it to 9%. That's fine, but I think some may need to curtail their expectancies with regards to battery life. It differs depending how you use it - and everyone is different.

Tablet can run a little warm, but not hot. Charging is relatively quick. Love the charger and how it snaps into place. ALL chargers should be that easy.

As to the software - the RT part. It does bug me. Not because I can't install x86, but because the OS keeps on making me think I can. It calls itself a PC. I own a pc, this is not a pc - it's a tablet with tablet OS. When I open file explorer - it takes me to the desktop with an open window. Why? Why not just full-screen explorer and be done? There are a number of quirks like this and is doing little to dispel the notion to me that this is full windows - with an arbitrary road block. The idea makes me mad.

IE can be annoying. Here on the verge when you hover the cursor over forums - it drops down - then you click. Not possible without the keyboard attached. Cannot do it by touch. And there are three daily websites I use that have that. Really annoying.

As for the store - I haven't explored it much yet. I need to, I know that. I want to push the limits of this device in ways I've never felt the urge to with iOS or Android. Because when I buy something I commit.

Part of me wonders if this was the right choice, but then I look at iOS and Android - and they just make me feel tired. But that's entirely subjective. For a tablet my needs are basic. Browsing, videos - and now - Office. To me that is the biggest boon. I can't always take my Alienware 14 (it's really heavy) and being able to whip out a tablet and do some work is appealing. So that's why I bought it.

But I expect I may fit into a niche. Anyway, as more thoughts and experiences pop up I'll update this - depending on how excited or frustrated I am.

I will still argue that full windows on tablets this size with atom processors makes more sense than this duality, but, well, we'll see. I'm hoping for unification day. Because if that happens the Store is going to explode. Hopefully.