On Microsoft Word "Bloat"

Here is my test document

It's simply a default template in Word 2013, copied 20 times to make a 20 page (240KB) document.



First, I uploaded my test document to Google Docs and converted it to gdoc format. Then I tested opening the document on both Google Docs in Chrome and Word 2013. The results?

Time taken to open the document in Google Docs: >6 seconds

Time taken to open the same document in Word 2013: under 1 second

Resource usage


I again opened the same document in Word 2013 and Google Docs, waited for it to load and scrolled to the bottom

Total CPU time for Google Docs: 38 seconds

Total CPU time for Word 2013: 5 seconds

Total RAM usage for Google Docs? 373 MB

Total CPU time for Word 2013? 73 MB

Conclusion: Word isn't "bloated"

Demonstrably so. In fact, Word is very efficient.

It should actually come as no surprise to anyone with some basic tech knowledge that a well written native application is considerably more efficient than the same thing in HTML5/JS.

When compared to Google Docs, Word 2013 can perform the same task more than 6 times faster, using 13% of the CPU cycles and 19% of the RAM, all the while being more feature rich and better designed.