The Biggest Source of Apple Hate

I hate trying to justify myself or for other fans/non-fans about what my ideals are. But that's not the point. I'm just trying to inform people not to be biased towards or against a company. Gadgets are just gadgets, but we become more intimate to it and become defensive about what we use. And the one thing that irks me most, regardless of whether it is Apple fans or Microsoft or Android fans is how some are really biased.

So why is this happening? Simple. One word: ignorance.

These people refuse to understand and comprehend the products that other companies offer, and become blind and hateful towards a competing company for no reason. Personally, I like Apple products, and if I were to argue something in the Android forums, I would rather have my facts checked or don't make a silly argument at all. So I'd find the facts first before coming to a general conclusion. This is the reason why so many people hate Apple. They don't use Apple products, period. They've only seen it online and don't know what it feels like to use an Apple product.

In fact, I was an Apple hater (cue comments about trying to gaining pity/ be objective). But it's true, I was a total sucker for Windows and I hated what Apple was doing with Macs. Everything just seems inferior, incompatible, overpriced, etc. And I came up with that conclusion even when I have never touched or tried a Mac before. I also thought their products were ripoffs. But once I used Apple products, I begin to understand Apple's philosophy, and I begin to admire their pursuit of perfection and ease of use, and can justify their price. And I still think both OSes are great. People have different needs and Apple/Microsoft fulfils different need

But before you go blindly defensive about your favourite company, please do research or you will make a fool of yourself (or dare I say, become an idiot), make strawman and ad hominem attacks, and worse, give a bad image of other non-biased fans of the company.