My journey Google to Bing

The transition from Google to Bing was an interesting transition for me. I was used to Google search and it wasn't gonna be an easy one i knew.

Stage 1

So when i first started using Bing it seemed difficult and i felt its inferior to Google and thought the results are not Good enough as Google was giving me. News results seemed bad too. All I thought this was second class experience.

Stage 2

Second stage I started using Bing for usual search that are popular keywords only and kept using Google for unpopular searches

Stage 3

I eventually started using Bing for unpopular searches and surprisingly it was doing a nice job.(I guess it was the Google effect that kept preoccupying my mind with thoughts that its not good). Still Google was miles better in news results.

Stage 4

In all this I kept sending Bing my keystrokes to Bing and fast forward to today Bing shows better news results to me. It didn't used to show me verge now it does. Plus I realized that Bing does a better job than Google when you search for something really unpopular. Google manages to bring more results on one page but the most relevant one is not on top. however Bing brings most relevant on top.

That was my experience and I can imagine it being different for so many peoples who have switched from Google to Bing care to share?

PS: I Am not saying that Google is better than Bing or Bing is better than Google so if you have such comments keep them to yourself