MS isn't respected so they should move on.

First, Tim Cook is an a--. MS saved his company in 1997 and now he's emboldened by the digerati love for his products. Google, who built their entire company on IE and Firefox users mostly using windows machines using their search product is waging a silent but obvious cold war with MS in the mobile space.

They will not share and do not care about the users of MS platforms in a nutshell. I say MS should move on from appeasing them with iterations of its software for their platforms and say bye-bye. Google cant be sussed to make any of their apps for W8 or WP8 because they say the "numbers arent worth it" yet Android is getting RDP and Office for their platform... THAT is a mistake. Apple is giving away iWork for free...yet MS makes MS Office available...

Instead of putting their resources into making Surface and Office better, and giving us exclusive features, MS has spent the time and money on providing their competitors with a high value product... Why? It doesn't help with MS' ecosystem scores... The Verge will tell you that a surface 2 pro (which is 2 pounds) and runs EVERTHING including ubiqitous but bloated iTunes natively, scores the same as a CHROMEBOOK...a 7.8 at that. Yet both Macbooks and iPads which dont run as much software as a Surface Pro score in the 9 range. Remarkable that.

Although MS makes a pretty penny from Android phone licenses, MS could just basically end the royalty structure and cut the licenses cold. That means no Android phones sold anywhere. On Earth. Including by Motorola. Wouldnt THAT be something? Ten dollars by 500 million phones a year is good money. But it may well be worth it just to skip out on the 5 billion and kill the Android phone ecosystem dead too. Where else could the OEMs go?

MS, I think its time to pull back from the support of your competitors and focus on strengthening and building up YOUR ecosystem. Provide the best and most versatile coding environment for your developers. Time to truly expose the value of your product lines to the world. APPLE and GOOGLE, the companies themselves, their users and the tech press, do not care about you or your products so stop focusing on them and focus on US. Your customer base. Its time. The universal support structure that once dominated computing is over. its every company and ecosystem for itself.