Samsung Taiwan fined 0.3 million USD by Taiwan FTC

Samsung Taiwan was fined 10 million NTD (~0.3 million USD) by Taiwan FTC (Fair Trade Commision) today.

The case was filed this April and concludes today (2013/10/24, local time).

Samsung Taiwan was accused hiring two PR company to attack competitors and cover negative discussions on a Taiwan local forum, Mobile01.

Some Samsung Taiwan internal documents was leaked at 1 April, that includes mail records, forum operation SOP, forum operation agents list, etc. from Samsung Taiwan and the PR company.

The FTC fines Samsung Taiwan for 10 million NTD (~0.3 million USD) for violating the Fair Trade Law #24, with 3 million NTD (~ 0.1 million USD) and 50,000 NTD (~1,600 USD) on the two PR company, respectively.

This is also the first case that a company was fined with Fair Trade Law #24 in Taiwan.

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Taiwan FTC case announcement:

TaiwanSamsungLeaks, where the leaked internal documents was published:

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