Windows 8.1 impressions and reflections

So Windows 8.1 has been out for about a week, and personally, I'm quite liking it, although I'm also the person who liked 8. I'm interested to hear what others have to say

  • What problems did you have going from 7 to 8 (or from any other desktop OS)? Have they been fixed? (Please, if you're going to use something like the Start Menu, at least provide what you think worked better with it in place instead of what's currently available)
  • What do you not like about 8.1?
  • What could still be changed?
Personally, I actually liked the Start Corner paradigm. I can see why it changed, though, as having a visual cue does help with people less familiar with the system. On the topic of familiarizing new users with the system, that was the single largest problem with Windows 8, in my opinion. For such a large departure from previous iterations, there was really no way of knowing things in Windows 8. In some ways, this is just as bad as ever: I doubt I would have figured out how to turn off my computer if I hadn't already used 8 for so long (and even then, I was told by a friend how to do it). But in general, the presence of a tutorial and explanation of most of the main concepts of Windows 8 will go a long ways to help people understand it. Aside for a few minor inconveniences, at one point, I had to Google how to change the background of the Start Screen, I'm really enjoying the rest of the experience. Small icons are great; the All Apps screen has not only been made a lot easier to find, it also works better that it did previously, although I wish they would make the Ctrl + Mouse Wheel shortcut a lot easier to figure out; the WinX menu, one of my favorite additions in Windows 8, has been made better, with the power options added; and the search function seems like a great addition, although I haven't gotten much use out of it yet.