Now that Surface 2 is out, let's talk RT...

I've posted multiple times about Windows RT, and I just wanted to gather some of your thoughts on the OS.

Here's where I think RT can gain the most traction in the market:

IMO I believe Surface 2 (or any cheaper RT device) is the PERFECT machine for most people interested in a budget PC. I work in retail and sell computers, and when I ask people how they intend to use their device, it usually goes: web, music, videos, office. Bingo. Most people who are looking at a laptop for

I know that the speed is subjective (especially with the original Surface), but with the Surface 2 it’s really now question. Tegra 4 running RT, or AMD E1 running Windows 8?

There are some people who will still pick a budget PC just for iTunes, but I believe there's a niche where RT can thrive.