Frank Shaw Finally setting things right.

I really like the approach Microsoft's Frank Shaw has taken pointing out the obvious media bias. The media bias to the extent of comparing a dumb piece like iWork to office. A clear example of comparing Apple's and Oranges!

I have used iWork myself and at best I can compare it to Windows WordPad. My life revolves around MS Office every single day and its just so sad that biased media doesn't see the difference.

I have been asking this question to fellow iPad users for past 3 years:


What is that something which an iPad does, but a laptop or desktop cannot. Many might say, Laptops are big and heavy. But there always have been stuff like this even before iPad which used to provide compactness and efficiency.



Where was the need for iPad?

As a side note, the answer to my question to iPad owners, I receive usually are:

" I have money to buy all the latest gadgets so I brought one."

" I am bored of using laptop all day and I want something different. "

" I don't like the word 'Microsoft' and the Word 'Windows'. I like 'Apple' and the word iPad"

Nothing that really speaks of a burning need to buy iPad.

And yet people at the end of the day hate to touch touchscreens and love to keep switch apps all day. And more importantly the only app they use 99% of time on their iPADS is a BROWSER!!