Apple needs unlimited Photostream

Unifying iCloud Photostream across iOS devices was a great move for iOS 7. So was clustering by event.

But now that I can see years at a time in Photostream, I need it to store every image I've captured with an iOS device in perpetuity. Not just the last 1,000.

I've taken 1,000 shots on my iPhone since September 5th, and I'm not an every day Instagram kind of guy. Between HDR and Instagram duplicates, screenshots, burst mode, thumb-mashing accident shots, I still burnt through that 1,000 photo limit pretty fast.

I can understand that Apple doesn't want to be storing RAW images from my DSLR, but they would have to be manually moved across and hence could be subject to a separate limit.

Google already has unlimited storage for cell-phone sized images. Flickr and any number of other photo sharing sites basically do the same.

It's another platform lock-in. It can't be much more expensive than free OS updates and productivity apps.