iOS In The Car

Anyone have any additional information on this?



It is noteworthy, then, that alongside announcing iOS 7's new look at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple also unveiled a new type of device iOS would soon be running on: automobiles. Called iOS In The Car, the new feature would allow drivers to make calls, listen to music, access maps or even send messages, all from their automobile's in-dash screen. No one really noticed at the time, but iOS In The Car was a hint why iOS 7 had been redesigned to begin with. As it turns out, an operating system designed to be flat is much better suited to running on multiple devices than a skeuomorphic operating system is.

From a design perspective, there are two things that are interesting about iOS In The Car. Its visual design is entirely consistent with iOS 7 on the iPhone or iPad, but its UI is different, with big rectangular buttons instead of iOS's more traditional small square icons. The reason the icons are different is simple: safety. When you're driving, you need to be able to quickly and safely push a button without having to take your eyes off the road for long to find it. Yet despite the fact that iOS In The Car uses differently sized and shaped on-screen elements, the icons themselves can be the same because they're flat.

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