Does anyone has any info on the specs on the Nexus 5 and/or announcement dates? (read the rest of the post too)

It'd be really helpful since my cell phone plan is going to expire soon.

I currently have an iPhone 5 but I've wanted to try Android for a while now. I've tried every current platform (iOS, WP, BB10) except Android, I don't even know how I managed not to try it already hahah.

I'm really looking into a stock, un-touched Android experience, that's why I'm interested in a Nexus 5.

Also, how easy/smooth is the switch to Android from someone in the Apple ecosystem (someone that has a Mac, iPad and iPhone)? Do you recommend doing it? Has anyone here ever had any problems switching or maintaining your Android device (By that I mean if you've had such an experience that makes you not-think about switching back to iOS or other platform). If things work out smoothly then I might consider not only buying a Nexus 5 but buying a Nexus 7 someday in the future.

Can a Mac and a Nexus tablet and phone "coexist"?

PD. I'm no Apple fanboy, my parents company supplies Apple devices to their employees. Also, The Verge doesn't have the Nexus 5 listed on the products section, that's why I picked the Nexus 4 of the list.