Can The Verge please fix their battery tests?

I think most things about Verge reviews are great, but as a performance engineer, I feel a little sick whenever I read:

the Verge Battery Test, which cycles through a series of popular websites and high-res images with brightness set to 65 percent.

Without really even thinking, I can point out a couple serious flaws with this method:

1) Why 65% brightness? It's completely meaningless. It should be based on a standard luminosity or the auto-brightness of the device.

2) What are the radios doing? Radios searching for signal will eat an enormous amount of battery.

The above are just procedural problem. There are things you could do to also make your test more applicable to the real world, such as accounting for using the touch screen, background data, etc. These would be nice, but aren't nearly as important as the above, which currently make your tests, quite frankly, worthless.