Bugs in IOS7: Anyone having any of the same?

Bugs I am having:

- Messages do not show content on lockscreen, only senders name

- When I press snooze on a calender notification, on the lockscreen, the phone restarts/resprings

- A lot less notifications come through, on iOS6 every gmail notification came through but now it's hit and miss

- Just like with snapchat, sometimes the snaps come through but other times I only see the notification and upon launching the app I do not see said snaps...


Issues I am having with iOS7:

- The zones for pulling down notification center/pulling up control center are very finicky. I can be dead center of the screen but it takes a few swipes

This is on an iPhone 4. I want to buy the 5s, I am thinking of rushing and buying it sooner to alleviate these problems but I wonder if these bugs are on all devices, iphone 4's or just mine...


p.s. I do enjoy iOS7 and it's visual refresh. Some things I think are a step backwards but overall it's a step forward, just not a massive step.