Desktop app store.

I really want MS to steal innovate the Mac App Store model to enable desktop application distribution.

My dream is that they'll allow both sandboxed and unsandboxed apps in the store, and allow only sandboxed ones to run on Windows RT and access the goodies from the metro side (toast notifications, having live tiles for the icon, being able to launch in Metro mode, being able to interact with charms from the desktop, you name it).

And then just add games to that and fsck Gabel for good.

What do you think? Why don't we hear anything about integrating Desktop with an App Store model?

Unlike others I would very much like to run some desktop apps on my RT (and did that with jailbreak, until after some updates it messed up the OS and I stopped running it after restart).

I suppose, it's because they're busy bringing RT and Phone together, but hey, can't they work at more than one thing at a time?..