WP has to die, RT has to live

Yes, you see that right. After all the ideas where Windows RT is crap and should have been a blown up Windows Phone, I have to say that MS has to do the opposite.

Why is RT bester than WP?

  • Proper multitasking, much more reliable and fast, no resume time
  • Defaults, like Android has, I love them as much in Windows RT as in Android.
  • Sharing. Again from Android, but also perfect on W RT, poorly done on WP.
  • Unified app settings & Sync between devices
  • Devices in charms bar
  • The keyboard, with it's flick gestures... so much faster when typing including numbers and special characters.
  • Working live tiles. Best example is Facebook. On Windows phone it may or may not show the latest notification count. Sometime I open the app and there are new notifications but there was never a notification and the live tile shows 0...

For me Windows RT is much more mature than WP and MS has to work on responsive app design down to phone level.