Macs are better for creative purposes?

So I've been thinking...

A lot of the time I hear people stating that Apple (specifically Mac) is the way to go if you're a 'creative' type. As a Windows user who's only really used Macs in high school film class and briefly and very occasionally with friends' MacBooks, I'd like to hear your opinions on this statement to get a better idea of why people seem to think it's better/more suitable, and whether or not there actually is much of a benefit.

Now when I say computer-related creative work, the sorts of things that come to mind for me include broad fields like:

- Writing
- Photography
- Visual art
- Animation
- Filmmaking
- Audio
- Design

Now, I think we'd all agree that a lot of the ability of a computer to accommodate for these sorts of usage cases really comes down to the programs that are available for each system. I feel that the reality of this is that there isn't a huge difference when it comes to software. As an obvious example, Adobe's Creative Suite/Cloud offerings allow users to do a whole host of creative work on both OSX and Windows and maintains a high degree of cross-platform compatibility so that the operating system that the app runs on is less of an issue. Same goes for other big companies like AutoDesk. Hell, even Microsoft with its Office suites (this is still somewhat better on Windows--no surprises there).

Of course, we do also see things like Aperture, Final Cut and Logic that are programs exclusive to Mac (for obvious reasons). They're all good programs, and could sway potential buyers in favour of Apple's hardware offerings--hell, I've got a few friends who got Macs and one who is considering a Mac just for Logic alone. On the other hand, there are no doubt still some great creative programs that remain exclusive to Windows too. Paint Tool SAI comes to mind as a really popular Windows application for beginners through to professionals. Sony's audio and video creation software is Windows only as well. So the strengths and limitations in terms of choice really go both ways. I can't think of a single usage scenario where software-wise, Mac should clearly be recommended over Windows (and vice versa) because there simply isn't a viable alternative on the other operating system.

So the questions I'd like to discuss:

- Do you consider Macs to be better for creative purposes, and why?
- Can you think of a usage case that is catered for in one OS that the other doesn't cover?
- Is there a notable benefit in Apple's hardware/support that Windows OEMs don't have?
- > > I'll note that Thunderbolt is definitely a plus
- Is it a workflow thing resultant of the way OSX itself works?
- In your opinion, how much of the notion of Apple is better for creative purposes comes down to legacy or marketing (or another factor)?