Android on PC with VirtualBox

Well hello there!

I recently bought a new laptop and I've been considering options to run Android on it. Most of us have heard of (or even used) Bluestacks to emulate Android apps, but I'm hoping to run the entire Android OS on my (touchscreen) laptop.

I've heard of VirtualBox, but I've never used it and I'm ... nervous(?) about trying it. However, I found this link about how you can actually run an x86-compatible port of Android in VirtualBox on your PC. Needless to say, I find this very interesting.

I would absolutely love some feedback/advice from VirtualBox users (or anyone knowledgeable):

1) Do I need to mess around with partitions, BIOS, etc on my laptop to run this?

2) Similar to the first question, will installing this have any effect on my current files, programs, W8, etc?

3) Are there any other risks to trying VirtualBox (and Android)?

3) Do these links look legit?

4) If you haven't already mentioned it in your post, I'm just curious if you have tried this process.

Thanks for your help!