2014 will be a make or break year for Tim Cook's Apple

As an Apple shareholder and a lifelong Apple fan, I think with 2013 nearly over, and nothing overly exciting announced this year, I think 2014 is going to be a make or break year for Tim Cook and Apple in general. I am in no way suggesting that Apple is doomed, so get that out of your system!

By 2014, Tim will have been the CEO since Steve's death in 2011. Since then, we seen a slightly bigger iPhone, a slightly smaller iPad, retina Macs, and a new Mac Pro. All wonderful products, but nothing earth shattering. Apple's last earth shattering product was the iPad in 2010, and whether or not it's a fair question to ask, everyone wants to know can Apple still innovate without Steve Jobs? I think by 2014, Tim Cook will have to show at least a glimpse of something that shows investors and the public in general that Apple can still innovate in new product categories.

Understandably, the last couple of keynotes have been a little less exciting and polished than the ones with Steve Jobs at the helm. Whether it is due to a lack of showmanship, or an unusually high number of pre-event leaks, this deflation of excitement is not well received by investors, and just plain takes the fun out of the whole thing in general!

Apple's market share in iPhones and iPads have plummeted, despite still raking in money hand over fist, but how long can this last? No one knows the answer to this.

So 2014 seems like a clutch year for Apple, and I think if they don't deliver some excitement in the face of so much competition, I think this could be a tough year for Cook and Apple in general. It's hard to say, this is just my gut opinion. If you disagree, that's great...give me an intelligent reason I would love to know your thoughts!