You guys should read your own site's articles from time to time.

This may seem like a minor thing, but it really bothers me when I hear the guys on the Vergecast be so misinformed when it comes to the things they talk about, and yet speak with such authority on the topic. I'm willing to brush aside the fact that they only talked about the Nokia event for maybe 10 minutes, which is fine, there are no rules on that sort of thing -- but at least inform yourself on what was presented!

Here is an article from Tom Warren about the Lytro-like feature that they displayed on the 1520:

According to David, this feature is inferior to it's peers because you can only adjust the zoom on the phone right after you take the picture, and never again... But, if he would do even the tiniest bit of research on the products that they discuss, he'd see that the last paragraph in that article talks about how you can upload the shot to Facebook, and anyone can play with the shot and edit the zoom to how they like, just like Lytro did it, and also an app from IOS.

The only reason this bugged me so much is because the feature was brought up, and then quickly shot down as inferior by David not knowing what he's talking about. There was also no mention about the very innovative display technology that Nokia introduced with this phone to improve outdoor readability... when, a few minutes before, they were just talking about how no one has fixed this problem yet.

I'm not normally one to get butt hurt about stuff like this, but I think it was just the last straw for me. And before you guys start calling me a fanboy, that is absolutely true. I'm a fanboy of the tech industry as a whole. I own Android, Windows, and IOS devices (in fact I plan to order an iPad Air very soon).

David, I expected more from you. Your outlook on Nokia and it's future seems very much misplaced, and it's disappointing. I'm not expecting a reply to this, I just hope that in the future you guys would maybe do a bit of reading on the things you plan to discuss. This kind of thing happens all the time, and not just with Nokia/Microsoft.