Original Galaxy Note vs. Galaxy Nexus

Hello everyone. I know this might sound crazy, but I need help with this.

I have a Galaxy Nexus running 4.3 and I love it. I've been very interested in a Note for college, and I have the opportunity to trade my GNex for a Note first gen. I can't spend any money now, and I can't trade my Gnex for a Note II without spending some bucks.

The thing is, I remember that at the 2.3 dark ages, the Note I was terribly slow. Now it's running 4.1, but I am afraid all that Samsung bloatware decreased the performance. Looking at the specs, the Note I should perform better than my Galaxy Nexus, but I'm afraid that's not the case.

On monday I'll take a look at the device, but for now I need your opinion. Am I insane if I close the deal?

P.S.: We're talking about two unlocked off-contract phones. I live in Brazil and we usually prefer to pay full-price on our phones and pop a prepaid sim card in it.