Nexus 4 LTE Confirmed

Sorry if this is old news, I'd heard some rumours but hadn't heard anything concrete which I assume this bluetooth certification is (see below).

Apparently the 4 will cost $300 for 16gb, while the 5 will start at $400 for 16gb...though that part obviously isn't confirmed.

From GSMArena:

...recently we’ve been seeing rumors that a Nexus 4 LTE is in the works. A Bluetooth certification just confirmed those rumors.

The designs were submitted on October 24 (this Thursday) and were listed on the 25th (Friday). The Design model number is listed as LG-E960 (that’s the model number for the Nexus 4) but the Design description calls the device "LGE LTE Mobile Phone(LG-E960)".

The listing is linked to the listing for the E960 but also linked to the one LG-D821, which is the model number of the upcoming Nexus 5 (confirmed by a leaked manual).

According to rumors, the Nexus 5 will cost $400 for the base 16GB model, while the Nexus 4 LTE (16GB) will be a cheaper alternative at $300. The current 16GB Nexus 4 is $250.