Two days with a Moto X DE...

TL;DR - very happy and surprised how well it does stuff automatically.

I loved my N4, but when I read about the exciting things Googorola is doing with Android, I was hooked. You see, I don't subscribe to the spec race. I'm 5'11, 200 but I don't want a phablet. I want something larger than an iP5, but the N4 was still a bit large for my taste. I don't have small hands, either - but I tend to hold my phone with my left hand and reaching for the dang options button in most apps (using the N4) is a lesson in gravity avoidance.

So why the Moto X? I mean, I downgraded from 4.3 to 4.2.2, lost two cores, and went from an IPS to an AMOLED screen. What gives?

See - I'm all in with the Google Android vision. I LIKE on-screen buttons. I like how much better Android works without an SDcard. I don't care about a non-removable battery and think that a removable battery is an excuse of lack of battery optimizations. I tend to keep a phone no longer than a year, and am also planning on buying an N5 to see if I like it better.

But I'm seriously doubting I will. The Moto X just feels great in your hand. From the soft touch plastic (the literal antithesis of Samsung plastic, much to my appreciation) to the perfectly rounded edges and corners, this phone just has a great feel in the hand. The back has the Motorola logo in a recessed, concave, index-fingertip-sized location. It's perfect to rest your finger when on a call.

Now don't get me wrong - I love my N4. The N4 has a (once calibrated) brilliant screen, is nice and thin, and was a huge upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I didn't miss LTE much, especially since I got great battery life on the N4 compared to the horrid Galaxy non-Nexus. But I digress.

Active notifications are brilliant. Even with the LED and using light flow to manage colors per apps and such, I still found myself unlocking the display fairly often. I'm stunned how well Motorola has designed active notifications - it knows when I pick it up, take it from my pocket, etc and shows a notification (or just the clock and an unlock button) if not. It's smarter than me - which is what I WANT from software.

Touchless controls exceeded my expectations and are way more useful than I thought. I imagined them as always-on Google Now, but Motorola has expanded what they do - touchless controls are actually a front end to a number of applications, of which Google Now is one of. If you say "call Linda" it never hits Google Now, and is FAST. Works very well.

Motorola Assist is the future of smartphone computing. One other review I read on XDA talked about how they could get rid of tasker because Assist does everything they had to code into tasker, but automatically, and I agree! It's got do not disturb built-in (though I wish I could customize the schedule on a day-to-day basis), quiet during meetings, and senses I'm in a car and asks if it wants me to read me a text that came in. And it works great!

The Moto X is a huge step in the right direct direction. Our phones and cloud service providers know so much about us, and use it for their benefit. I want them to know that for my giving them access to it, I want it to work in MY benefit too.

And the biggest surprise? The dual core Moto X is WAY more fluid and responsive than my N4. That really shocked me. And I got the Developer Edition, so the extra 16GB of storage is nice.

Battery life is great so far - but I've been on WiFi at home most of the two days. The real test will be at work next week.

But from what I've seen? I'm sold on this beauty. I've already had a few people look quizzically at it and ask what it is.

I of course had to show them touchless control.