*EG Confirmed* Next Gen starts at 720p- Battlefield 4 & COD: Ghosts are 720p on Xbox One!.. [NBA 2k14 still good though]

Original sources: Neogaf via twitter

Dxwwsmw_medium via i.imgur.com

Iiszoriij4xqd_medium via i7.minus.com

So Jeremy Conrad used to be an editor at IGN, in addition to working at other game companies. And basically, rumors of resolution differences have been being discussed for the last week on Gaf.

Based on track record of past leaks, this is very likely true. ie Ryse 900p rumor was confirmed in last two weeks. Explains recent use of PS4 footage for COD: Ghosts despite the Activision& MS pr earlier in the year.

So what are you all thinking?
It might be the state of their tools, or might be the ESRAM.. But kinda crazy

We still got to actually wait and see, but this is a dramatic launch cycle..

*Update - COD: Ghosts was confirmed today 720p. That is that