Welp I guess I have a Surface 2 now

Went to Best Buy to play with one, and ended up buying one on a whim, justified by the fact that I sold my original RT in anticipation of an immanent price drop and Surface 2 announcement - of which my timing was impeccable. The fact is that I have both a MBA and iPad mini, so I really don't need a Surface, but here we are.

A few quick notes:

  • Original Surface and touch cover was lighter than Surface 2 with type cover. Was hoping it would be a wash, it isn't, but by no means heavy. Perhaps I've gotten use to my iPad mini during the few months away from my Surface.
  • Type cover with back-lighting is simply amazing.The cover is very heavy, don't mind thickness.
  • This thing hauls. Something I couldn't say about the original.
  • The black type cover does not have that gross heather gray material on the back, was afraid it would.
  • I didn't have an issue balancing the surface on my lap like DP did, but the second position is greatly appreciated. In fact, I would say lapability is a wash between that and normal laptop. I can use it in just as many angles now, nearly as reliably, but additionally I don't have the discomfort of a hot lap or inconvenience of sweaty palms.
  • Power connector significantly easier to connect, and that same subtle light now illuminates a ring on the outside perimeter so that you can see the connection is successful from all angles, even in a well lit room. On the previous Surface I felt like I had to investigate whether or not it was charging each time I plugged it in.
  • Didn't realize they had changed from mini to micro HDMI out.
  • You can now upload images to IMGUR from the desktop. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do this when the Surface first came out.
  • Speakers are improved but still pretty poor.
  • Ability to have multiple IE windows is very neat.
  • Screen is every bit as great as you would imagine it (color accuracy). 1080p is a nice/significant upgrade, and in due time it will be nice to see that go higher until it's a true retina display, but for now the tradeoffs are not worth a higher resolution. No light leaks that some others have noted.
  • I would like to see them increase the screen size on the next gen (within same body size, thinner bezel).
  • PLEASE MICROSOFT BRING BACK RED COVER (but as type cover). Black will suffice for now.