Surface Pro 2 or the New MacBook Pro Retina

Hi everyone,

I'm facing a dilemma with my next thing, i really can't decide on whether i buy the Surface Pro 2 or the last MacBook Pro Retina. I precise that i can't have both.

The context :

I already got 2 machines : a MacBook Pro Unibody early 2011 which is not getting any younger and that i wish to sell for a new one or the Surface. I also got a recent hackintosh beast on dual boot with OS X and Winows 8.1.

How is use them :

I'm using my MacBook Pro mainly to consume my daily dose of information, developing website (cause i'm a webdesigner), taking notes (cause i'm also a literature student). I'm use to work with a Mac but i've been on a PC before and this is clearly not a problem for me to be back on it. Also, i'm used to do some work on my MBP in my bed sometimes and i'm wondering if this is not going to be a problem with a SP2.
My dual-boot hackintosh is for gaming mainly, and in the case i'll sell my MacBook Pro for getting a Surface Pro 2 it will come very handy to still have a "Mac".

As you can see, i am not from any tribe, i admire what is getting done in Redmond whether with Windows Phone and Windows Surface which are like they said efficient portable devices "for working and playing". But despite i'm not a huge fan of Apple and all their "entertainment" devices, the (though declining) form factor of their MBP and OS still do a really good job for everything.

This is a tuff choice : this is at the same time a matter of productivity, portability, handiness... this is why i'm posting here to get some advices, in the hope that this will not become a fanboy debate.