My only issue with Tuesday's Apple Announcements

And it pertains to the 15" Retina MacBook Pro.

I was happy to see a price drop for the entry level 15" MBP retina however I was a bit upset to see the dedicated GPU go away on that machine especially since it performs far under the 650m (at least in my Cinebench Tests).

For 2k I expect a dedicated GPU in my machine (and usually every 15" MBP has one) but not only does the 2k machine not have it, but its also not an option for BTO in the 2k MBP but rather you need to buy a 2.5k MBP to get the dedicated GPU.

So while Apple did drop the prices on the MBP, they also dropped the dedicated GPU, which in turn dropped graphical performance and don't even allow you to upgrade without spending a lot more for things you made not need.

I am a 2012 Original Retina Macbook Pro owner and on Friday my boss had my go buy a new 2013 MBP for work. Here is the Cinebench comparison below, where you see a GPU slight increase but a huge dip in GPU performance.. I really hope its just a Cinebench issue but im not sure.

See screenshot below (it wont embed for some reason):