Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

I just picked one up and there's just one word to sum it all up; Wow.

I'm coming from a Surface Pro with Touch Cover. I always liked that computer, and while there were times I wished I had a "real" laptop, I didn't try to use it as something it wasn't, so I didn't have much of a problem with it. But there's one thing that keeps flashing into my mind while I use this new Yoga. This is what the Surface should have been.

I didn't see myself using the Yoga in tablet mode much when I was thinking about getting one. I figured it could be nice once in a while, but that it just wouldn't work well. I was quite wrong! While a 13" tablet is a little unwieldy, it's perfectly useful if you're just kicked back on the couch. Now I wouldn't want to use it in tablet mode walking around, but sitting is fine. Altogether, the Yoga is really a great all in one (tablet + laptop) like what the Surface really should have been.

And if you're wondering about the screen, it's basically the greatest thing I've ever seen. I feel like it would take a microscope to see any pixels on it. The fact that I paid as much for my Surface as I did for the Yoga almost makes me sad. I get the feeling I threw a lot of money away 8 months ago when I got my Surface, and I'm still in shock that Microsoft would screw over the early adopters the way they did (not even a trade-in program?!).

If you're at all thinking about buying a laptop anytime soon, make it a Yoga 2 Pro.

But seriously, why not just "Yoga 2"?

Yoga 3 Super Pro; Max