Losing my mind over Windows 8.1 and British English keyboard changing to U.S layout on login.

This is the situation:

I have three user accounts on my laptop running Widows 8.1. All regional and locale settings for the thing are set to United Kingdom.

So far so good.

My account was the initial account and was set up whilst it was running Windows 8.

I've now added my wife and my daughter to the machine as they're going to use it alongside me and both accounts were set up after it had updated to Windows 8.1.

  • Wife: Standard account.
  • Daughter: Account monitored by Family Safety.

Now, the problem is, with their accounts that they both keep defaulting to English (U.S) as their default keyboard, this rendering the likes of the @ key into a " and no easy availability of things like £.

No answers on how to resolve this on Microsoft answers so far after searching:

Can't set Windows 8.1 to use a UK Keyboard and English (United Kingdom) as Language Preference

Downloaded and installed the UK (English) Language Pack. Can't set Windows 8.1 to use a UK Keyboard. Try to change Languages Preferences to English (United Kingdom) - and 8.1 won't let you. Try to remove English (United States) and 8.1 won't let you. English (United States) keeps coming back

Changing default Keybaoard layout Win 8.1

I have installed Windows 8.1. After the disaster of it converting my local account to an Microsoft one I now realize that the keyboard layout is set to US.

How do I change it to UK layout. I have installed the UK language pack. Set the regional settings to UK and deleted the US language pack and in Control Panel - Clock,, Language and Region - Language set the language to English (United Kingdom). I saved this setting and logged out and back in but the keyboard layout is still US. Given that the installation recognized that I was I the UK and checked that I wanted to set the default language to English I would have expected it to realize that I would also want a UK keyboard layout!

I assume that keyboard layout does mean the physical keyboard and not the arrangement of keys that would popup if I was using a touchscreen?

When I'm logged in I have this in the keyboard settings:


Theirs both look like this:


I can happily "remove" the US layout and set it to UK during a session but upon rebooting or logging out and logging in again, they're both back to English (United States).

I really love Windows 8 and have just got everything set up as I want it but if I have to revert to Windows 8.0 just to have a keyboard in the language that my family reside in I guess I'll have to. Anyone have a solution to this at all that I may have missed?

I would thinkthat Microsoft would have catered for international users so I'm hoping someone here can think of a fix that I may have missed.