Ars Technica vs. The Verge

I tried to get some input on this over at Apple Core without success, so let's try and stir an original discussion here.

In my quest for the perfect Apple news source, I ran into Ars Technica a few days ago. I am simply astonished by the quality of their articles. I'll willingly admit that I've mainly visited their Infinite Loop section so far, but from what I have seen, I'm not left disappointed. The quality of the words, balanced critical opinions, and sheer length of most of the articles put most other sites to shame. The Verge still stands out with its diversity of topics, but I must say that I'm surprised I haven't heard of ArsTech until now. Though that probably says more about me than the Verge community.

So how about it, what's your experience with Ars Technica? How does it differ from The Verge? Why am I still here?