Dell Venue 8 Pro mini review

Intro/Past devices

I figure to best qualify myself I should briefly touch base on my previous devices and my thoughts on them so you have a rough idea of where my head is with the Dell.Most of these devices we're returned due to some type of flaw that didn't feel 'livable' to me. Like the Latitude 10 having intermittent WiFi connection issues or something else. the ones with the asterisk are devices i either returned or resold in less than a month.

In the last year i have owned the:

2012 Nexus

2012 Nexus 10

Samsung ATIV 700T*

2012 Galaxy Note 10.1*

iPad 4* (the flaw was iOS)

Surface Pro*

2013 Nexus 7*

Dell Latitude 10*

Galaxy Note 8.0


In a word, great. Feels solid in the hand, doesn't creak or bend when you're grabbing at it. the buttons are clicky and easy to find and although i was initially put off by having the start button on the side it works fairly well in practice because i almost never use it and just rely on edge gestures to get me where i need to be.

Better than an iPad? No not really. but it's more than adequate and not holding back the experience in anyway. I would probably say it's closest in general feel to a 2013 Nexus 7





So how's the screen?
Very good. the resolution is a bit low which makes reading small text a challenging affair, but anything higher would most likely make using the desktop mode a real chore and require use of the sometimes janky W8.1 scaling. Overall? if you exclude resolution it's a fantastic screen. and looks almost identical in quality to the one on the Note 8.0, so if you have any concerns before purchasing the Dell go take a look at the Note 8.0.


For an itty bitty tablet it's running wonderfully. you should check other more comprehensive reviews for this section though.


what's that? you want to run old PC games at middling resolutions and frame rates that make you think you still have a phone running Froyo?



So, Native res isn't happening. what if we go lower....



Great success! However i do not have a BT keyboard and my USB OTG adapter doesn't seem to be working... so actually playing will have to wait for another day.

Battery Life

Hard to be certain, but after spending an hour fiddling around with Just Cause 2 and some other stuff i lost about 20% of the battery. So even under gaming 3.5-4 hours is possible. probably much more under general use.

I'll update as i mess with it. but it seems really solid so far.

Any questions feel free to ask. going to be messing with this thing all day.

*sorry for the bad pictures, I only have my S4 on me and didn't bother to put alot of time into things.