11/1 Nexus 5 release/announcement date?

So according to evleaks, the N5 is scheduled to either be released or announced on Nov. 1, which is a Friday. Now while I'd like to believe that date specifically, here's why I think he may be one day off...

October 31 release date

An Oct. 31 release date would make much more sense simply because the next version of Android is called KitKat. KitKat bars are candy, which is synonymous with a popular American holiday, Halloween, which takes place on Oct. 31. Releasing a candy-brand-named product which involves a licensing deal with said candy brand the day AFTER a candy-based holiday just makes no sense. It would be like releasing a Christmas-themed product on Dec. 26, or a turkey-based product the day after Thanksgiving. If they're going to promote a candy brand with their new OS in their new phone, they should do it right.

Secondly, in years past the new Nexus phone has been released on a Thursday or (like last year) on a Tuesday, not a Friday. Now I could be wrong with here, with both generations of the Nexus 7 being released on a Friday.

Either way, I'm excited for later this week for what's to come with Android/Nexus.