Parallels Desktop 9 vs. VMware Fusion 6 for running Bootcamp Win8.1

Hi Apple Core!

I'll receive my first MacBook (yay) in the next view days (the new MBPr 13") and I promise you I'll try to use Mavericks for pretty much everything but I need Windows for e.g. Visual Studio. Therefore my plan is to set up Bootcamp with Win8.1 and for longer sessions boot to it. But I love the idea to use either Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion to run it from the Bootcamp partition without having to boot to it.

So my question to you is which of the two (Parallels Desktop 9 or VMWare Fusion 6) would you recommend for me?

There's a great article over at Ars Technica (here) which makes me tend to choosing VMware Fusion but I wanted to hear from you first.

Thanks in advance.