iRig Stomp, iRig HD and Amplitube on an iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Here's the whole story:

I study abroad and of course, I can't and I don't want to carry an Amp all the way from Mexico to Germany, so Amplitube and iRig started to become a very tempting alternative (I don't want to make a lot of noise in my apartment).

I purchased Amplitube and it looks great, now I only need to decide between the iRig Stomp and the iRig HD.

Has anyone here purchased one of those and can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of each, please?

To me, the iRig HD is very expensive but there's the multi device support (including Lightning!), but the iRig stomp is cheaper and it seems to meet my necessities, I'm not a pro or anything close to that, I just like to play the guitar, that's it.

Thanks for you help Apple Core :)