DIY Airplay Speakers

Hey everyone. I'm thinking about creating an Airplay Speaker system for my room. Being a college student and all, my funds aren't exactly plentiful. That being said, I'm trying to create a budget system that sounds great.

So what we'll need are:

1. Airport Express

2. Amplifier

3. Speakers

1. I think a refurbished Airport Express runs about $69.00 in the Apple Store. I checked around on eBay & Amazon as well, but I think I'll trust Apple for shipping me a functional product.

2. So the amplifier I found is pretty cheap and has great reviews: Lepai 2020A+ Class-T Amplifier. Only runs about $20! Not bad.

3. I'm not sure which speakers I want to get... I saw the Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakers but they're about $70 and I'm getting contrasting reviews.

A few questions... I live in a shared household where the modem/router are not directly accessible. Does the Airport Express need to be connected to the router via ethernet? Also, what are some good speakers you recommend? Thanks in advance.