The Verizon Lg G2: The Verizon customers Nexus 5

Let me start by acknowledging my terrible writing skills, please don't tell me I suck as a writer. Trust me, I'm well aware.

I'm a current Verizon G2 owner coming from a Galaxy Nexus. Essentially, the G2 is the nexus 5 for Verizon. There are some obvious differences. Like the hideous Verizon and lg logos on the front. And the terrible glossy back. If you can get past that, then you will absolutely love this phone as I do. I'm just going to run through a few parts of the phone and compare with what we know about the N5, and with my experience of owning a GNex for 18 months.

Software: I can't tell you much about the stock g2 software because I flashed CM 10.2 within hours of buying the device. The fact that we can flash and ever growing list of custom ROMs is what makes this phone what it can be. There is now a lot of developer support for this device. CM runs amazing on this phone. I have a 3rd gen ipad and it's just as smooth of an experience, no hiccups as far as Speed and responsiveness goes. There are however some MINOR stability issues. Such as a handful of soft reboots. That's it.

Battery: coming from a GNex, this phone has crAzy good battery life. On the 2nd full charge, I took the phone off the charger at 8am and plugged it back it at 15 percent after 12am. This is with over 4 hours of screen on time. And many people are reporting much better battery life than mine, like 5 and 6 + hours worth of screen on time. The phone charges super fast too. Like 70 percent in an hour. I would be very surprised if the N5 will have this good of battery life.

Back buttons: They suck. IMO. As of right now, knock on works in CM but not knock off. So it's a PITA turning the screen off. I just set the sleep time at 15 seconds and let it turn off that way most of the time. Thankfully, I'm sure CM and all the other custom ROMs will soon have knock off working as well. Obviously, the N5 will have a better button situation than the G2. With the exception that the back buttons afforded LG to make a phone with almost no bezel. Which looks outstanding.

Screen: As good as you can buy. Also has on screen keys which for ME, is preferable.

Appearance: Nexus 5 is beautiful. G2 is ugly-ish. Thanks verizon and lg and your stupid logos. It's sort of like a beautiful girl with trashy tattoos. There is a solution for the ugly gross glossy back cover though. Some users on XDA have used some high grit sandpaper to get the gloss off, and it looks outstanding. No scratches and it has a nice matte finish and adds some much needed grip to it. I know we shouldn't have to do that, but it's the price you pay for this caliber of phone on verizon.

Camera: I'm no expert but it's good. Read the reviews.

Size: A tad big for me so far. By no means Note 3 big, but still a little big. Part of it is the slick glossy back makes it harder to grip. But I'm sure I'll get used to it just like I did for the GNex.

Processor: Snapdragon 800 is the real deal.

Misc: it has an RGB notification light which is a must for me. Qi WIRELESS CHARGING!! Some say gimmicky I say it's awesome. The headphone jack is on the bottom of the phone, which is the only place a headphone jack should ever go. IMO. If I left anything out please add in the comments.

So if you are a stock android lover on verizon and want a phone that has all the latest specs, lasts ALL DAY, has a beautiful screen, and did I mention it lasts all day? This phone is for you. Even if you hate the terrible verizon tramp stamp on the front and glossy plastic back (which can be remedied), this phone is well, well worth it.