Got the OMD EM1

I had to trade & sell off all my nex gear and glass for the EM1. I got it the day right before a shoot so I only had a little while to play with it. This means I'm dual wielding 2 OMD's. EM1 as main & EM5 as secondary.

It was a kid's birthday party shoot so this was going to really test camera performance, particularly for autofocus speed and reliability. unfortunately I can't share any shots here. It would be rude and unprofessional for me to post them up before my Client gets the set as I'm still processing.


EM1 with 12-40 f2.8 PRO as main camera.

EM5 with 45 f1.8 as secondary.

small m4/3 sling bag with extra batteries, sd cards, few other lenses.


1. The camera is big(ger) than the EM5. not much bigger but noticeable. But with battery grip on, it's much bigger than an EM5 with full battery grip. Handling is superb.

2. AF is noticeably faster than EM5. I was able to lock and shoot, lock and shoot. extremely reliable and of 700 shots only a few were out of focus. This is a signifigant upgrade from the EM5 where I can expect an error rate of over 5-10% on moving subjects. Note for ppl photographing children, this one can do it!

3. The constant aperture f2.8 PRO lense lives up to its name and exceeds it. I shot it wide open and the images are tack sharp, resolution superb, rendering excellent and pleasant, corners excellent at all focal lengths and also a speed demon. the AF on it is blazing fast and highly accurate. this applies to every point of the focal length of the lense. Without a doubt, this will be my go-to lense.

4. I managed to shoot roughly 650 frames before I exhausted the single battery in the grip. This means I'm able to get roughly 1300 shots total on the 2 batteries. That's about 100 shots less per charge than on the EM5. I shoot with all auto preview off and only chimp in batches of 10's. So there is some method and discipline to how I manage the battery. The placement of the power button is awkward so I left the camera on most of the time whereas on the EM5 i switch off quite regularly. I'm guessing between that and the improved ibis &af performance, this would account for the slightly faster drain.

Cheryl @ Jem

Processed to my taste. 40mm f2.8 | ISO 4000

5. It looks like ISO performance is better by one stop. I was shooting at iso 1600 and frankly, the shots look fantastic with plenty of detail. white balance is also incredibly good. even under mixed lighting, the camera can accurately white balance. This saves me tons of time in post. skin tones on the EM1 trend towards neutral vs the slightly magenta of the EM5. However that is only in jpeg. RAW file skin tone is still a tad magenta. For the first time, I am starting to use the clunky and slow Olympus Viewer to auto process the image, save it out as tiff and editing in adobe camera raw. It messes with my work flow but the IQ i get out of it is, imo, worth the workflow disruption.


Straight out of camera. 12mm | ISO100


I consider this camera worth every cent. The IQ is indistinguishable from what you'd pay for pro grade apsc. On top of that you have world beating IBIS and a slew of other features. It really is pro grade equipment. my main criteria are speed, reliability, overall performance, handling. and this camera delivers.