Returned my Surface Pro 2. Thinking of another Thinkpad for college student

I returned my Surface Pro 2 last night.

I'm a student, and here's why Surface Pro 2 would not work for me: it only work two positions: flat desk and stable lap.

I love its pen for class, but to really use Surface Pro 2 like a laptop, with type cover working it's designed to be, it has to be on a very flat surface- the desk can't tilt 5 degrees or IT WILL SLIP. Not only the Pro 2 need a flat surface, it need a large enough flat surface, which means, *in a lecture hall, it won't work like a laptop*. And which means, using it on my lap require me to *seat upright and put my leg horizontally*, while I still need to worry about not dropping it.

It might be about the way I use my laptop. Let the laptop base be my reference, it sometimes sits 30-90 degrees(and my screen opens all the way to 180 degrees) on my lap when I'm on a couch, or I hold it with one hand, walk and type with the other. Sometimes I use it sideways when I lie on my dorm room rag. I use it basically 360 degrees, and using keyboard lots of the time. No need to worry about position enables me to put my attention

Surface Pro 2 is too much a sacrifice for me.

* As a tablet, it isn't really more comfortable to hold and place than my 5 lbs Thinkpad T420.

* It limits the way I could use it. Very limited.

* It's in someway bugged, for instance, as I detach my Type Cover, on screen keyboard won't show up like it normally does.

Now I'm looking for haswell ultrabook/portable, as little sacrifice as possible compared to my T420. I'm not a big gamer, as long as it run starcraft 2 in low setting I'm happy,

Some thoughts I have:

  • Better battery: >5h active usage, 6-8h would be better
  • Good trackpad, like new thinkpad glass clickpad
  • Comfortable keyboard- I do lots of typing and some coding.
  • 1080p exactly (I have 900p right now on 14'', and to work with my monitor, I expect it to be uniformed.
  • 180 degrees operable hinge
  • Not heavier than 4 lbs.
  • Screen=12.5, 13.3, 14, potentially 15.6
As a plus:

  • SSD by default
  • Touchscreen
  • Convertible form factor
  • Digitizer

I used to use a Thinkpad X200 too and it was great. I'm current thinking of Thinkpad T440s, Yoga, or December Version of X240. I also think latest rMBP would be a backup option. I looked in the Microsoft Store and put XPS 12 off my list because of hinge and keyboard.
Any suggestion and ideas? Top budget is about $1000-$1200.