Vergecraft & 1.7.2

Hi guys,

A most regular minecrafters will be aware – a new patch has come out for minecraft and its a biggy! I spawned a new seed in creative mode and had a fly around just then, it's freaking awesome!

The reason I'm positing is to ask how such big changes may affect vergecraft (if at all), and when we might expect an upgrade?(again, if at all).

Of course the new biomes etc will only be available in new chunks – which brings me to my 3rd question. I'm no expert on minecraft servers, but am interested to know why a defined world size is used versus one that expands as it is explored? Are there any benefits or downsides to either way? It seems to me that this approach would provide more flexibility as new game features are added, as at the moment the only way to get things like horses or quartz has to been to adventure to the very edge of the map when the limit gets expanded. This is obviously not so great!

In the meantime, I've got plenty of work to do on my many unfinished projects lol, so no rush =)

- tokidokioki of Haxbr0