Does MSFT with SRT/S2/SP1/SP2 Aim To Compete in Laptop/PC Markets

I think MSFT with SRT/S2/SP1/SP2 is aiming to stop the bleeding of Windows laptop/PC marketshare but hasn't yet ready to compete in the consumers market.

In my humble opinion that was part of MSFT strategy (Stage1-2) to start offering options for professionals/education institutions/enerprises to stop them leaning to other available options to be used for on the go or as second light devices such as (i-Pad, Android tablets,Chromebook and MBA 11"). But not to compete with the existing laptops (exepct >12")/PCs.

What are the ideal/typical uses of SRT/S2/SP1/SP2?

Are SRT/S2/SP1/SP2 aiming to the masses? or are they aiming to some categories of users?

Finally, Is there any such thing as perfect when it comes to a digital device?