What's next for (ARM, 10.6'') Surface? Our ideas - expected, bold or just crazy.

I'm sure a lot of tribers own a Surface or want to have one. What are your suggestions to make it even better device - hardware and software wise. What next generations will look like?

What is expected

  • Desktop will be gone on ARM devices. Probably sooner than later.
  • 64-bit architecture in 2 years with Tegra 6 (Parker). Tegra 5 (Logan) will be probably still 32-bit. Or switching to Qualcomm what would be great.
  • Thinner and lighter . They had to go after iPad. For me it's unnecesary, but... yep, they just have to.
  • Some major software for Modern UI to replace desktop equivalents (Photoshop Touch, CAD, VLC, Office, ...).
  • More app-specific "blades".
  • 64 / 128 GB models only.
  • Windows Phone and Windows RT will merge. Probably.

Bold ideas

  • Free Desktop as a Service for Surface users in the cloud. All-powerful workstation with just one click (and internet connection). Much needed in this transition period when all major apps are stil desktop-only.
  • Dock for Surface (ARM). For a lot of people, in 1-2 years, Windows RT will cover all their home computing needs. So why not to dock your Surface and take advantage of full screen, keyboard and mouse when working with Office, using remote desktop (or above's DaaS) or streaming media?
  • Active digitizer + pen would be a KILLER addition for Surface on ARM. At least for me. Not a "bold" idea actually, but still...
  • Deeper separation between Windows RT and Pro line. For now, the pace of Windows RT progress/development is limited by Windows Pro. If there was no bond between the two anymore, Windows RT wouldbe able to leave the desktop, dramatically decrase OS install size and improve the battery not caring about all "backward compatibility" and shared system tools.

Crazy stuff

  • Multipurpose touch cover. So for now we have a backlit, multisensor touch cover. Can MSFT go one step further with flat cover which displays the keys/areas dynamicly, depending on the current use case / app? That would be CRAZY!
  • Touch cover made of... battery. 3-4 mm touch cover with additional 3-4 hours of use. I know, technology is not there yet and probably won't be here anytime soon.
  • e-ink touch cover (for reading and typing). Similar concept to multipourpose touch cover but with e-ink screen/technology. Now you can read e-books for muuuuch longer. The e-ink screen would be used also for displaying keyboard keys.
  • Gaming dock like for Razer Edge. With additional battery and discrete GPU. Enabling us to play desktop-grade games on a tablet.

Your thoughts?