Is the iPad Air lighter than the Surface in reality?

When you mention superiority in spec to an Apple-added guy the chances are he'll inevitably try to twist it around to something else. When the iSomething leads on paper though, he'll never miss a chance to bash you over the head with it, regardless of whether it actually makes sense in reality.

Having seen the frankly incredible but unfortunately predictable wall of Applezombie reviews of the new Surfaces, and the No.1 complaint that both are too heavy with the Pro as a particular offender - I thought I'd turn that statement around and look at IRL all-up weights.

Every Surface I've seen in the wild so far (and it's kind of surprising how many - relatively speaking OK, we're not talking iPad levels here for sure - I've seen given the disaster that it has apparently been to date) has been with a Cover.
Every iPad I've seen in the wild has been wrapped in often elaborate stand cases, with or without keyboards (more often that not with keyboards). So I thought I'd take actual, functionally comparable examples.

Do either *need* a case? Well - Apple enthusiasts generally seem to have internalised the relatively delicate anodising and the crush-prone corners of their tablet, while Surface enthusiasts have been more vocal about the issues with the VaporMG coating - me included, though the device is much more resistant to impact force (at least in a comparison with the iPad 2/4). The Surfaces do seem to require less impact protection, but potentially almost as much abrasion protection. We'll discount skins here though since even if we skin a Surface, it will make minimal difference to the relative weights.

I took the UK as an example for prices.

Surface 2 64Gb + Touch Cover
865 grams

iPad Air 64Gb Wifi + Logitech FabricSkin Folio (currently the most direct analog to the Touch Cover, claimed as one of the lightest)

Surface 2 Pro + Touch Cover for a weight comparison

Most iPad users are walking around with higher all-up weights, yet you'll still see them say 'laptops are too heavy' or some say 'The Surface Pro is way too heavy for a tablet'. Food for thought for some, perhaps.

Feel free to correct me on exact weights if necessary.