NFL's Game Rewind Service Review

I bought NFL GameRewind Premium at $70 for the season, and I have to say I really dislike that you have to wait so long until you can watch the game. The way it was worded on the site before I signed up MADE IT SEEM that you could watch the games right after a particular game ended.

Sure wasn't worded that way AFTER I paid the $70 (except, that I'm sure it was buried deep in the pages and pages of fine print in the terms and conditions they expect you to read before you sign up).

I get why the licensing is this way, however, because I'm sure the TV advertisers want you to watch the commercials when the game is on live. So they want to DE-incentivise you from watching the recorded game (like we're going to do that after we paid $70 for just 1 season) by making you wait until MIDNIGHT Eastern on Sunday, and, EVEN WORSE, 24 HOURS after MNF?!!

REALLY NOW! That, in my opinion, is going WAY TOO FAR with trying to cram your commercials down our throats. We're the consumer, and not to be trifled with if you want more sales. Do you REALLY think we're going to buy more of your products when you do stuff like this?!

Oh, I'm a patient person and can wait for anything, but this borders on vindictiveness. It's like you're so mad at us for trying to enjoy entertainment without a million commercials breaking it up, that you do us like this.

At any rate, and now that my logic-filled rant is done about that...I don't know about all my fellow NFL consumers, but I have to say that I would rather watch the commercials and be able to watch the game LIVE (or AT LEAST right after the game is over) than have to wait until MIDNIGHT, for CRYING OUT LOUD (and avoid human contact, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, all day so that we don't accidentally see who won before we watch the game)!

That means, if we want to watch our favorite games, we have to watch until about 3:30AM Eastern Time...MINIMUM...before we can get some sleep! Or, the ghastly alternative is to wait until Monday AFTER we get off work and try to keep everyone at work...all day...from telling us who won. You and I both know THAT'S NOT going to work!

That's a Sunday night, and we all have to work on Monday, ok?!

PLUS, we PAID $70 for just ONE (1) Season!


- Adrian Frank

CEO/Owner of Adrian Frank Consulting