2013 rMBP keyboard and mouse freezing

Hey guys. So I got my Retina Macbook Pro 13 2 days ago and have come across some issue with the mousepad and and keyboard. Every once in a while the keyboard and mouse completely freezes up, the system is still running but the input devices are unresponsive.

Getting past this requires restarting the laptop or flipping down the lid for up to a minute, which is pretty annoying.

This is what I get in the condole after it happens.

28/10/2013 14:30:11.000 kernel[0]: The USB device Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad (Port 5 of Hub at 0x14000000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (2)

There doesn't seem to be a fix out there that I can find and plenty of people have had this issue. Hopefully its just a software problem.

If anyone know a fix for this feel free to share.